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News & Positions - April 2022

Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence legislation – EU-wide harmonisation necessary

Ensuring respect for human rights and minimising environmental impact in their supply chains is a  critical priority for brands. Member companies of AIM - European Brands Association are actively leading change for a sustainable future for people, the environment and...


News & Positions - June 2021

AIM Statement on “Off the Hook” report on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence

Brussels, 18 June 2021 - AIM, the European Brands Association, takes note of the reference made to its contribution to the debate on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD) in the “Off the Hook” report published on June 16...


News & Positions - June 2021

AIM and amfori input to the Environmental Due Diligence debate

Environmental Due Diligence will be part and parcel of the overall Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) and Sustainable Corporate Governance (SCG) legislation the EU is preparing for the autumn as environmental impacts are closely linked to human rights impacts. Whilst...


News & Positions - October 2020

AIM launches its contribution to the mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence debate

On the occasion of Commissioner Didier Reynders delivering his keynote address at today’s Sustainable Retail Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum, AIM, the European Brands Association, is proud to launch its contribution to the mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence debate....


News & Positions - July 2019

8th Annual AIM-PROGRESS benchmarking survey on Responsible Sourcing in the FMCG sector

AIM-PROGRESS members continued to demonstrate progress in their responsible sourcing programs in 2018 with an impressive maturity leap: 50% of members are now identified as having ‘Integrated’ responsible sourcing programs, thereby being in the upper half of the maturity scale,...


News & Positions - December 2018

AIM-PROGRESS publishes its new Responsible Sourcing Journey

AIM-PROGRESS is pleased to report the release of its new Responsible Sourcing Journey (RSJ) - a blueprint describing the maturity evolution of a company’s responsible sourcing programme across four maturity levels: launched, established, integrated, leadership. Companies can benchmark their maturity...


News & Positions - April 2015

Raising the bar for responsible sourcing: AIM-PROGRESS helps members advance their programmes

AIM-PROGRESS 2014 membership survey results clearly demonstrate that members are benefiting from participating in our global responsible sourcing (RS) programme. 61% now have established or mature RS programmes in place; audit activity has increased by 76% since 2012 and remediation...


News & Positions - May 2013

AIM-PROGRESS goes beyond compliance

In its latest newsletter AIM-PROGRESS announces its new 2013-2016 Strategy. It builds on the existing work of AIM-PROGRESS and now includes a third strategic driver which proposes to move beyond compliance towards measureable performance improvement in our supply chains and...