The ways in which products and services reach consumers are increasingly diverse and rapidly evolving, adapting to how the product’s features and experience are best delivered.

Different channels are progressively complementary and brands strive to deliver in one seamless environment the necessary elements to meet, and indeed exceed, consumer expectations, needs, desires and values.

This transformation has had a positive impact for consumers, as well as for brands and distributors in terms of new, smart, personalized means to serve consumers, while consistently increasing the quality of experience offered to them. It has also changed the overall retail landscape in Europe, as the traditional ‘brick & mortar’ physical stores and retail outlets have been joined by platforms, online marketplaces, apps and connected devices  – all available to engage the consumer, whether online or offline. This omni-channel world is the reality for consumers today, who have access to endless digital shelves, just a finger-swipe away as online and offline worlds become blurred.

This has significantly changed how consumers access brands, providing new opportunities but also posing challenges. This will continue, as AIM foresees further transformation and game-changers will continue to revolutionise this landscape in the next 5-10 years.