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POSITIONS 02 September 2018

Unfair Trading Practices: European Parliament supports a fair and well-functioning food supply chain

The 11 million farmers and 293.000 food producers of Europe welcome today’s vote by Members of the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on the UTPs Directive as a clear step towards ensuring a fair and well-functioning food supply chain in Europe.

The support given to MEP Tarabella’s report is a clear signal of commitment to ensure the agri-food chain is protected against abusive trading practices.

AIM – the European Brands Association, CEJA – the European Council of Young Farmers, Copa-Cogeca – the European Farmers European Agri-Cooperatives, EFFAT – the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions, FoodDrinkEurope and IFOAM EU call on the co-legislators to adopt strong and effective measures against unfair trading practices. Without a law that includes all actors, everyone will be exposed, directly or indirectly, to unfair trading practices. What is unfair is unfair, no matter who you are.

The signatories urge the EU Parliament, Commission and Council in the upcoming weeks and months to deliver a solid framework for fairness and certainty.

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