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SCI one year on: keeping the momentum

Unfair trading practices adversely affect companies’ capacity to innovate and invest for the long term. This innovation and investment is needed to improve constantly value to consumers and fulfil the EU’s objective to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Therefore AIM supports the effective implementation and enforcement of the Principles of Good Practice in the food supply chain adopted in 2011 and the Supply Chain Initiative. Success will mean a significant reduction in the number of unfair practices in the marketplace and a long term improvement in the business culture.

The Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) released its first annual report of activities on 20 January 2015. The press release of the report can be found here.


The press release states:

”Progress has been significant. Today, 164 groups and companies representing over 860 national operating companies are committed to the Initiative. It is worth noting that as many SMEs register as large companies, which is an essential success criterion for the Initiative.

One of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set to measure the success of the Initiative is to achieve a critical mass of companies registering in each country. Good progress has been achieved on this KPI. Equivalent initiatives have also been launched in several countries and some have farmers on board. They have proven very helpful in complementing the dialogue at European level.

Registered companies participate in an annual compliance survey, designed to verify that commitments are respected and to assess the overall operation of the SCI in the market. The first annual survey shows that there is a balanced mix of participants across sectors. Over 18,000 staff have been trained and nearly 40% used the common e-learning module offered by the SCI. The survey also finds a high degree of satisfaction with the Initiative among survey participants (73%). The key findings of the survey are presented in the Annual Report.

The high satisfaction level and the increasing uptake by SMEs should encourage all stakeholders to give the SCI enough time to achieve its full potential”.

The annual report was presented at the European Parliament in Brussels on 20 January 2015, during an event sponsored by MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt. Find the programme of the event here.