News & Positions - April 2014

Oh happy day, world IP day!

In 2000, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)'s member states designated April 26 – the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970 – as World IP Day with the aim of increasing general understanding of IP. Since then, World IP Day has offered a unique opportunity each year to consider how IP contributes to driving the technological innovation that helps shape our world. AIM and its members support this initiative by reminding policy makers that brand manufacturers depend on intellectual property rights to sustain high levels of investment in R&D and prevent consumer confusion.

The previous editions of the world IP day had focused on innovation; “innovation – linking the world”, 2010, “designing the future”, 2011 and “visionary innovators”, 2012. This year WIPO focusses on “movies, a global passion” (link to WIPO webpage).

AIM loves movies… especially when they feature our members. Therefore, this year, we particularly enjoyed watching "The LEGO® Movie". It demonstrated the creativity and the emotional connection that some brands enjoy with their consumers beyond their products.

However, brands are never far from WIPO’s heart and AIM celebrated recently the publication of WIPO’s report on the role of brands in the global marketplace. It provided interesting new data and insight. For instance, companies around the world spend nearly $466 billion annually on branding, more than on R&D and design. In some countries this accounts for more than 25% of company investments in intangible assets. Qualitative data gathered were also of particular interest for anyone who wishes to understand the mechanisms supporting the global economy. At macro level, the report stated that branding investments correlate closely with the level of economic development. At micro level, the study pointed out the technical reasons for the success of brands.

Finally, we seize the opportunity to highlight excellent initiatives from our members to celebrate this particular day.

Example of our British member, British Brands Group (BBG):