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New CGF survey shows consumers are more empowered than ever to make informed lifestyle choices

The latest progress report, now in its third year, on how CGF Board members are implementing these resolutions and commitments has been published.

It is heartening to see that 95% of respondents have established policies and activated programmes on at least one of the CGF’s three Health & Wellness Resolutions, while 74% have done so on all three. Yet the CGF acknowledges that more needs to be done to harness the industry’s collective power to implement the four concrete commitments, covering 1) Nutrition & product formulation; 2) Employee Health & Wellness Programs; 3) Consumer Information and Product Labelling; 4) Advertising to Children.

The CEO co-sponsors of the Health & Wellness Pillar, Paul Bulcke, Nestlé, and Dick Boer, Royal Ahold, agree that “we will need to intensify the effort and we invite more companies to contribute to achieving our collective ambition. Our shoppers, consumers and employees expect us to play a leading role in inspiring healthier diets and lifestyles. We will continue to report on our progress”.

Link to the press release of the Consumer Goods Forum