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PRESS RELEASES 02 April 2014

New President of AIM calls on EU to help brands boost trust and sustainable growth in Europe

Laurent Freixe, CEO of Nestlé Europe, is the new President of AIM, the European Brands Association. He takes over from Roger Scarlett-Smith, President of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mr. Freixe will hold office for two years. At the same time Poul Weihrauch, Global President Food, Drinks & Multi-Sales of Mars, and Christian Köhler, Director General of the German Brands Association Markenverband, have been elected by AIM’s Board for the positions of Vice-Presidents.

In his acceptance speech to the AIM Board, Laurent Freixe said: “European recovery requires that trust, eroded by the economic crisis, is restored. While the European institutions prepare their programme for the upcoming legislative term, they should consider the value of consumer brands in helping the EU towards sustainable growth. Consumers have a close relationship with their favourite brands and brand manufacturers make big investments in understanding consumers’ expectations. Today consumers are much more demanding about what they eat and the products they use in their homes. Consumer brand manufacturers know they have to meet those expectations with products and industry initiatives that resonate with consumers while helping to address Europe’s challenges. AIM’s programme for responsible sourcing AIM-PROGRESS, our collaboration with consumer organisation BEUC on better consumer information and our latest initiative on ways brands can inspire consumers to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles definitely fit that bill.”


About Laurent Freixe – Nestlé Europe CEO

Laurent Freixe has been CEO of Nestlé Europe since November 2008. Born in Paris, in France, Mr Laurent Freixe graduated from the Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord (EDHEC), Lille, France, with a degree in Marketing.

Laurent Freixe joined Nestlé in France in 1986 in marketing. Between 1986 and 1999, he held different positions with increasing responsibilities in the field of sales and marketing. In 1999, he became the Head of Nutrition Division of Nestlé France; in 2003 he was appointed CEO of Nestlé Hungary, and in 2007 he was appointed CEO of Nestlé Iberian Region. In November 2008, Laurent Freixe joined the Nestlé Executive Board as Executive Vice President with responsibility for Zone Europe, where he plays a decisive role in leading the Nestlé Nutrition Health & Wellness mission, and making Nestlé Europe a profitable growth Zone for the Group. Married with two children, he speaks French, English, Spanish and German.