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POSITIONS 03 March 2020

Joint industry letter - Opportunities of digital means for providing mandatory product information to consumers

AIM, the European Brands Association, and 21 EU trade associations have addressed the European Commission to discuss and explore the opportunities that digital means can bring to consumers for providing mandatory product information.

The signatories would encourage the European Commission to:

  1. Establish a dedicated European Stakeholders Forum for Digital Consumer Information to facilitate the regular exchange of views and best practices and the development of guiding principles for the digitalisation of consumer and product information;
  2. Investigate where opportunities exist for digital means as a legally recognised option to provide mandatory product information and adapt the relevant EU regulatory framework including general product and consumer legislations, as well as sector specific legislations if such opportunities provide benefits to consumers and businesses of all sizes;
  3. Ensure that all enterprises, regardless of their size, can use and benefit from digital information technologies across the EU;
  4. Consider further guidance to ensure that consumer information delivered through digital means, including from third parties, abide by harmonised principles including accuracy, transparency, reliability and fairness, to better inform consumers and build trust among consumers and businesses.

Read the complete letter here: