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POSITIONS 16 July 2021

Industry coalition calls for a smart transition towards digital product information to consumers

In a joint industry letter to the European Commission, AIM – European Brands Association and several cross sectorial organisations highlight the opportunities that digital means can bring for product information requirements benefitting businesses and citizens across the European Union, and the need for further action and leadership from the European Commission.

The undersigned associations believe that the European Commission should adopt a coordinated approach to allow for digital means to provide product information and to adapt the relevant EU regulatory framework accordingly. At the same time, to maximise the benefits of digital product information for both businesses and consumers, it has to be ensured that small enterprises are enabled to implement these digital means and vulnerable consumers are supported in their role in the digital transition.

As a first step to a coordinated and inclusive approach on digital information, the signatories invite the European Commission to establish a formal dialogue with stakeholders, such as a dedicated European Stakeholders Forum for Digital Consumer Information, with a view to developing a roadmap for the possible dematerialisation of some product information and as a means for stakeholders to exchange best practices.