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EVENTS 15 June 2022

First 2022 AIM Brands Insights Event on Consumer empowerment & Nudge hosted at the House of Brands in Brussels

On 14 June 2022, AIM, the European Brands Association invited to the House of Brands in Brussels for its first Brands Insights Event of 2022 on Consumer Empowerment – The potential of Nudge and behavioural science for consumer policy. The event gathered around 25 experts in behavioural science, consumer and environmental policy, marketing and branding with the aim to share insights, views and ideas on the Nudge concept and how it can be embedded more firmly into company and policy thinking.

Marie-Eve Laporte, Associate Professor Marketing and Communications and Researcher in food consumer behaviour and brand management at Sorbonne Business School, outlined in her keynote speech the importance of Nudging and Behavioural Science for brands and where research currently stands.

2 winners of the 2019 Brands Nudging for Good Awards presented their successful Nudge initiatives and how they have further developed during the last 3 years. Bart Vandewaetere, Vice President Corporate Communications and Government Relations at Nestlé, illustrated the award-winning Nutri-Plato initiative for healthier eating habits among children and how this campaign has been expanded throughout Spain and even kicked-off in other European countries. Joris Pollet, Vice President Government Relations and Public Policy Europe at Procter & Gamble, gave insigths into the award-winning smart bin initiative to encourage the sorting and recycling of post-consumer diapers, as well as the lessons learnt along the way.

Eric Singler, Global CEO at BVA Nudge Unit, gave an interesting overview of Nudge activities during COVID19, with a special focus on France and Italy, and presented learnings from this public health crisis.

Monique Goyens, Director General at BEUC – European Consumer Organisation, concluded the first part of the event by sharing the perspective on Nudge from a consumer point of view.

During a final roundtable discussion, moderated by Jacqui Stephenson, Global Responsible Marketing Officer at Mars, participants exchanged views and ideas on consumer empowerment, the Nudge concept and brands’ and governments’ campaigns and experiences in this field.

For more information on the AIM Nudging For Good Initiative, please check out our dedicated website

AIM Brands Insights Event 14 June 2022

What is the AIM Brands Insights Series?

The AIM Brands Insights series provides a new forum for sharing latest insights, ideas and innovative solutions from the branded consumer goods industry, which relate to the EU policy agenda, and beyond. The series has the ambition of enriching the debate on Europe’s future and how different actors in society can shape it together.