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EVENTS 04 March 2015

European Consumer Day 2015

AIM is pleased to participate at a panel session on responsible consumption at the 17th edition of the European Consumer Day. The event will be held on 16 March 2015 at the European Economic and Social Committee and will focus on new trends in consumption.

”The era of mindless consumption is over. The economic crisis is boosting the trend of people owning less, watching their spending and keeping an eye on value for money when considering their needs, on the understanding that accumulating possessions is not going to guarantee their wellbeing.

Can responsible consumption become a reality or is it only a mirage? Is the society ready for the sharing economy? What challenges do the new trends bring?”

Katrin Recke, Senior Sustainability Manager at AIM, will speak during the panel session ”Responsible consumption – mirage or reality?” on the topic ”From consumer information to nudging – inspiring more sustainable consumer behaviour”.

More information and the programme can be found in the EESC events overview here.