News & Positions - March 2013

European Commission adopts proposals for improved trade mark system

27 March 2013 - AIM warmly welcomes the Commission proposals adopted today for a revision of EU trade mark law. The main features of the proposals include:

  • The reduction of some trade mark fees;
  • Mostly positive changes to pan-European procedures;
  • The end of a proposal, vocally opposed by AIM, which would have allocated automatically 50% of European renewal fees to national trade mark offices;
  • A proposal to give more power to customs to detain counterfeit goods transiting through the EU.
  • A new rule allowing a trade mark owner to act against the distribution of labels or packaging which could be used for counterfeiting.

The Commission proposals will now be sent to the European Parliament and to the Council for debate and adoption.

As part of its impact assessment , the Commission points to the fact that Europe's economy relies on powerful brands, requiring strong and effective trade mark protection and points out that the value of the top ten brands per country amounts to almost 10% in relation to the country’s GDP .

Here is the link to the Commission's frequently-asked-questions release.