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PRESS RELEASES 23 March 2021

Commission study confirms once again the great diversity of consumer tastes and preferences across the EU

AIM welcomes the findings of the European Commission’s 2nd report on food products which confirms, once again, that differences on composition or sensory proprieties, where they exist, do “not show a geographical trend”.

The Commission report, which examined 20 products on the EU market, highlights once more the importance of listening to consumers, and acknowledging and taking into account their different preferences and tastes. It states “for example, certain consumers may want to avoid certain types of ingredients for various reasons other than those linked to their health (e.g allergens)”.

Consumer preferences in their choices are more prevalent than ever before -”in particular, consumers increasingly attach importance to the environmental impact of certain ingredients, their geographical origin, mode of manufacturing, chemical compositions, etc.”

Michelle Gibbons, Director General of AIM, commented: “As the branded consumer goods industry, we continue to provide safe, innovative and diverse products to serve the EU’s 450 million consumers, respecting the diversity of European cultures and responding to their different customs, habits, tastes and needs. We thank the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre for their comprehensive work on this matter and their continued attention in following a thorough, evidence-based and proportionate approach to this issue”.