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EVENTS 02 June 2015

Brands need ACEs! YOUth Debate @ The European Parliament

On 2 June, Eva Paunova MEP, the European Youth Forum, EU40 and the founding “Alliance for YOUth” partners met in the European Parliament for a dynamic debate with high-level policy makers, CEOs and youth representatives including trainees and apprentices. Alain Galaski, Director General of AIM, was invited to discuss what kind of skills brands need to continue to innovate in the future and AIM’s joint initiative with the European Youth Forum “Skills for the future”.

Alain Galaski, Director General, AIM – European Brands Association:

“As a father of five millenials I’m delighted to get that question! Brands need ACEs: young people with the right attitude, character and education.

Attitude is about the hunger to learn and to bring fresh ideas that will help brands stay in tune with changing times, ideas which their managers would never dream of.

Character is about integrity: brands are built on trust.

A solid education : We need scientists, supply chain engineers, marketers for the digital age, sustainability experts.

The good thing is that our members regularly lead the rankings for great places to work.

This gives us a good platform for our new initiative with our partners at the European Youth Forum, called Skills for the Future, about the employability of young people.”

Below: Luis Cantarell, Executive Vice President Nestlé S.A., Head of Zone EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa), Member of AIM Board

Link to the full video (Alain Galaski’s contribution from minute 55)