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POSITIONS 12 October 2020

AIM's contribution to the New Consumer Agenda

AIM has published its contribution to the EU Commission’s New Consumer Agenda with a focus on empowering consumers in the green transition. It outlines how the digital economy has changed consumer behaviour, the importance of a co-ordinated strategy to protect consumers online and of providing accurate, consistent information from a trusted source and based on clear principles. Trust in products, channels and information is key.

  • Brands place consumers at the heart of everything we do, innovating, creating and investing across Europe to provide safe and diverse products to our 500 million consumers.
  • Consumer trust is thus fundamental to brands, and we believe should be the cornerstone of a New Consumer Agenda which is aligned with a Green and Digital EU.
  • The foundation of that trust is built on consumers accessing safe and effective products, supplied through safe and responsible channels, online or offline, with accurate, transparent, accountable and responsible information.
  • A holistic and coherent strategy to ensuring trust in products, channels and information is critical for a New Consumer Agenda.
  • A coherent and harmonised consumer law at EU level is vital and the EU should ensure likewise that transposition and implementation of EU legislation at Member State level is coherent to avoid fragmentation of the EU Single Market.