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UPDATES 06 June 2018

AIM wins Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award 2018

AIM is proud to announce that on 6th June 2018, our Anti-Counterfeiting Committee was awarded the annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) Network’s award in the Association category.

The AIM Anti-Counterfeiting Committee is one of the largest and longest-standing coalitions of right holders actively fighting the growing menace of counterfeiting and piracy at European level and beyond, bringing together AIM’s members with a large number of other right holders and their representative organisations. Our shared goal goes beyond pure protection of intellectual property: counterfeiting and piracy is a societal and economic scourge that brings nothing but destruction. It destroys trust in brands while promoting consumer deception and harm, decimates legal employment and depletes state revenue, benefitting only organised crime and the illicit economy.

“Many thanks to all who voted for us, and to the GACG Network for their dedication to this vital work”, says Michelle Gibbons, AIM’s Director General. “On behalf of all of AIM’s members, we are honoured to be recognised by our peers (and not a little proud that we are the only body that has received this award twice in the 20 years since its creation), underscoring the importance of the practical, results-oriented and collaborative nature of the Committee. Please rest assured that this will spur us on to keep fighting the good fight!”.

Joeri Mombers, the Committee’s Chairman adds: “I’d like to extend personal thanks to all of the Committee’s members for your professionalism, dynamism and cooperation. This award is for all of us so – congratulations!”

Photo: Cécile Guillemard, Vice-Chair of the AIM Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, accepts the 2018 Global Anti-Counterfeiting Association Award from Christian Peugeot, President of UNIFAB, and John Anderson of the GACG in Paris, 6 June 2018.