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POSITIONS 30 January 2016

AIM welcomes the pragmatic approach of the European Commission in its report on unfair practices

The Commission’s report issued on 29 January on unfair trading practices in the food supply chain provides valuable clarifications on existing frameworks for tackling unfair trading practices in the EU. Although there is room for improvement, measures to combat UTPs have developed significantly in recent years in many Member States. The European Commission also acknowledges the benefits of the Supply Chain Initiative, which should be enhanced, and thus does not see the need for EU action at this stage.

Unfair Trading Practices adversely affect companies’ capacity to innovate and invest for the long term. This innovation and investment is needed to improve constantly value to consumers and fulfil the EU’s objective to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Therefore, AIM is working on ways to reduce significantly the number of unfair practices in the marketplace and improve the business culture.

As a founding member of the Supply Chain Initiative, AIM will work with other member organisations on the best way to implement the recommendations of the European Commission to increase the effectiveness of the initiative.

Link to the report of the European Commission

Link to the Supply Chain Initiative, together for fair trading practices