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PRESS RELEASES 17 November 2021

AIM welcomes the European Parliament’s clear message that strong IP protection is needed for EU social and economic recovery

Brussels, 17 November 2021  In its Resolution on an intellectual property action plan to support the EU’s recovery and resilience adopted on 11th November, the European Parliament confirms its support for the Commission’s IP action plan, stressing that the EU’s IP-intensive industries are key in our economic recovery. AIM’s members welcome the recognition of the importance of intellectual property and all that brands contribute to our consumers, society and economy.

The Parliament highlights the need for “strong, balanced and robust IPR protection at the national, European and international level”, not only to ensure the survival of our branded and creative industries so that they can contribute to our economic and social recovery from the pandemic, but to enable “the creation of a digital and globally competitive sustainable economy in Europe where innovation also serves the purpose of contributing to the common good of society”. A clear and fair framework for the protection of IP benefits everyone.

AIM is especially grateful to the Parliament for recognising:

  • That legislative gaps hinder not only economic development but “limit consumers’ access to innovative and safe products, and prevent social challenges from being addressed through innovation”;
  • The devastating socio-economic effects that counterfeiting brings to companies of all sizes, from micro to multinational;
  • The link between IP crime and organised and serious international crime. As such we trust that the myth that fighting counterfeiting is only about protecting private IP rights is dispelled: this illegal trade defrauds, and damages, consumers, bankrupts companies, destroys innovation and employment, depletes Member State revenue and funds organised crime groups;
  • The need for greater coordination between law enforcement authorities, for the control of design-infringing goods in transit and for enhanced information and data sharing between all relevant parties;
  • The long-standing need for the EU to have an IP coordinator, as is the case in many of our trading partners, to ensure holistic and effective IP policy.

We also join with the Parliament as it “regrets the significant use of the internet for the distribution of counterfeit products, infringing content and IPR-infringing services, with significant adverse effects for EU manufacturing industry as well as for the creative, cultural and sport sectors” and “welcomes the Commission proposal for a Digital Services Act” where it “highlights the fact that the ‘know your business customer’ principle and the trusted flaggers system would contribute enormously to the fight against counterfeiting”. The KYBC and trusted flaggers provisions of the DSA are both key in ensuring that rogue traders are identified as soon as possible and that consumers are not confronted with online offers for illegal goods for any longer than absolutely necessary. Only by all players in the digital ecosystem playing their part can we ensure a clean and safe online environment for consumers and businesses alike.

AIM thanks the European Parliament for this clear and robust Resolution, and our Trade Mark and Anti-Counterfeiting Committees stand ready to assist in its practical implementation in any way that we can.



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