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POSITIONS 01 October 2018

AIM welcomes EU Parliament’s clear move to ban Unfair Trading Practices in the food supply chain

The EU Parliament Agriculture Committee voted with an overwhelming majority for a fair food supply chain benefiting all actors and consumers. This historic vote is welcomed by the entire European food supply chain as a key step towards ensuring fairness and certainty for all. The legislation guarantees that agreed contracts between farmers, producers and retailers are respected and that no party can apply Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs).

The IMCO, ENVI and DEVE Committees made important contributions to the report of MEP De Castro, highlighting the commitment of the EU Parliament not to tolerate Unfair Trading Practices in the food supply chain.

The 11 million farmers and 293.000 food producers of Europe call now for the support of the European Commission and Council to ensure that this legislative proposal is adopted by the end of 2018.

The proposal would complement existing legislation against Unfair Trading Practices in 20 Member States protecting all actors from the direct or indirect effects of UTPs, and avoid legal fragmentation and forum shopping.

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