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POSITIONS 18 February 2022

AIM supports an EU legal framework to address global deforestation and degradation risks

Brand manufacturers represented in AIM operate and source globally. Many of our member companies are leading on responsible sourcing practices, seeking to minimise environmental impacts and ensure respect of human rights across their supply chains.

AIM believes that EU-wide regulation on deforestation is key to ensuring high standards of protection of forests, through minimising consumption of products coming from supply chains associated with deforestation or forest degradation, as well as avoiding a fragmentation of the Single Market and minimising duplication of efforts by companies and regulators.

For the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products to realise its full potential – effectively protecting and restoring forests while avoiding unintended negative consequences on the environment, smallholder farmers and local indigenous communities in producing countries – a series of concerns should be addressed. These are primarily related to the practical implementation of the Regulation’s due diligence requirements for businesses and their potentially adverse effects on smallholders and their livelihoods.