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POSITIONS 29 June 2022

AIM supports an EU harmonised legal framework for human rights and environmental due diligence

Ensuring respect for human rights and minimising environmental impact in their supply chains is a critical priority for brands. Member companies of AIM – European Brands Association are actively leading change for a sustainable future for people, the environment and the economy. Many participate in our global responsible sourcing initiative – AIM-Progress – focused on driving positive impact on people’s lives. 

AIM is pleased that the European Commission put forward its proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence in February 2022. This is an unique opportunity to set common legal requirements across the EU and ensure legal certainty and the smooth functioning of the internal market. It is also an opportunity to ensure a level playing field, impressing on businesses, whether large and small and regardless of which commodity sector they operate in, that respect of human rights and protection of the environmental is a license to operate and that scrutiny of operations will only increase.

Based on the extensive experience of our members in operating complex global supply chains, and with the intention of strengthening the European Commission’s proposal to achieve the stated objectives, we are proposing a number of improvements to the current text. These are aimed to ensure EU-wide harmonisation, align due diligence obligations with international standards and other related EU instruments, as well as clarify civil liability rules and directors’ duty of care.



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