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POSITIONS 08 September 2020

AIM publishes position on the Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is the opportunity to update the online platform economy legal framework to encourage all actors to play fairly and to comply with EU standards, to protect consumers and safeguard trust in the digital environment. Europe has a unique opportunity to take the lead and ensure a clear and fair platform economy for all.

The following suggestions would help address some of today’s key challenges:

  • The DSA should clarify the need for platforms to take effective action against illegal goods, including counterfeit, especially via adequate preventive measures.  
  • The same rules should apply online or offline.
  • The DSA should introduce a clear obligation for platforms to know and verify the identity of sellers.
  • Other important measures to enhance the fight against illegal goods include transparency regarding what is removed, enhanced cooperation and data sharing with law enforcement.
  • The DSA should ensure that illegal products are swiftly delisted and affected consumers are promptly informed.
  • The DSA should help address some key concerns around unfair trading practices on platforms. The DSA should define clearly the concept of gatekeeper and ensure the necessary safeguards so as to enable fairness and further dynamic development in the platform economy.