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POSITIONS 01 September 2016

AIM Position on the Fitness check of EU Consumer and Marketing law

In the context of the ‘Fitness Check’ of EU Consumer and Marketing Law directives the Commission seeks views on whether these rules are still up to date and fit for purpose. Consumer trust is a condition for thriving modern economies, and therefore a key lever to get Europe back towards economic prosperity. The bond of trust between brands and consumers is fundamental to AIM’s members.

In its contribution, AIM:

  • Presents the principles adopted in 2003 and followed by AIM members to increase consumer trust and how they relate to the Fitness Check of EU Consumer and Marketing Law
  • States possible margins for improvement in current legislation, especially to improve the enforcement of key provisions and their implementation in the digital environment to increase consumer trust when shopping online
  • Answers the most relevant questions in the online public consultation.

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