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POSITIONS 17 April 2020

AIM Roadmap on the Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is the opportunity to update the digital economy legal framework to encourage all actors to play fairly and to comply with EU standards, to protect consumers and safeguard trust in the digital environment. Creating such a framework of trust is Europe’s opportunity to lead in this space in the future.

What can the EU do to stop illegal goods from harming consumers:

  • Pro-active screening
  • Know and verify your sellers
  • Transparency and data sharing on illegal products
  • Remove illegal products and inform consumers promptly

DOWNLOAD the AIM Roadmap here

The European Commission has rightfully pointed to a future which is digital, sustainable and most importantly, places people at the heart of everything we do. The digital world, with all players, needs to embrace this and accept that what is illegal offline should be illegal online. We need a legislative framework which serves a compliance by design purpose. Everyone has a role and responsibility to act now and ensure we have a legitimate and strong digital economy for the future.