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AIM Manifesto 2024: Shaping Europe’s Brand Future

AIM has released its 2024-2029 manifesto, outlining a vision for a competitive, trusted, and leading European Union. Our Vision for Europe’s Brand 2024-2029 highlights key strategies to enhance economic prosperity, sustainability, and consumer trust across the EU.

Competitive Europe

AIM emphasises the importance of a fully functioning Single Market to enhance EU competitiveness. Key proposals include:

  • Intellectual property protection: Strengthening IP laws to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, vital for future R&D and investment.
  • Fair supply chains: Ensuring resilient and fair supply chains to support seamless trade, providing choice and value to consumers.

A harmonised legal framework is essential for attracting investments and bolstering the EU’s industrial base, with the FMCG sector being a significant contributor.

Trust and Inclusivity

Consumer trust is crucial to AIM’s vision. Our manifesto focuses on:

  • Consumer protection: Providing trustworthy information to help consumers make informed choices, enforced through harmonized consumer laws.
  • Innovation communication: Allowing manufacturers to effectively communicate innovations that meet consumer expectations.

Consumer confidence drives 51% of the EU’s GDP, making a strong legal framework to protect consumer choices imperative.

Leading in Innovation and Sustainability

AIM envisions the EU as a leader in innovation and sustainability by:

  • Investing in R&D: Promoting investments in research and new technologies like AI and Big Data to offer personalized consumer experiences and drive co-creation.
  • Flexible innovation: Encouraging flexibility to meet ambitious sustainability and climate goals, improving product eco-design and production processes.

The manifesto calls for swift implementation of Green and Digital Transition legislation, providing businesses the certainty needed to invest in sustainable practices.

Legislative Initiatives

AIM proposes several legislative measures, including:

  • Unfair trading practices directive: Revising to protect all companies and consumer goods.
  • Corporate sustainability due diligence: Developing guidelines for compliance and harmonized implementation.
  • IP law Amendments: Ensuring amendments reflect the interests of IP right holders and consumers.

Call to Action

AIM urges EU policymakers to:

  • Develop pro-competitiveness policies: Securing the EU’s future prosperity.
  • Prioritize cross-border collaboration: Ensuring proper enforcement of rules and enhancing customs resources.
  • Implement holistic economic assessments: Evaluating policies’ impacts and fostering multistakeholder forums for swift implementation.

AIM’s manifesto for 2024-2029 sets a strategic vision for a competitive, trusted, and leading EU. By advocating for robust legal frameworks, enhanced consumer protection, and a commitment to innovation and sustainability, AIM aims to secure the EU’s position as a global leader in economic and industrial development.

Click here to read the full manifesto.