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UPDATES 05 February 2019

AIM joins the EU Commission’s Circular Plastics Alliance

AIM is delighted to be part of the Commission’s new Circular Plastics Alliance. Brand manufacturers are determined to work together with the complete value chain to improve the economics and quality of plastics recycling in Europe.

In December 2018, the European Commission launched an alliance of key industry stakeholders covering the full plastics value chain as part of its persisting efforts to reduce plastics littering, increase the share of recycled plastics and stimulate market innovation.

Against the backdrop of the Commission’s efforts to help accelerate Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, the Circular Plastics Alliance will aim to improve the economics and quality of plastics recycling in Europe. The Alliance will in particular strengthen the match between supply and demand for recycled plastics which is identified as the main obstacle to a well-functioning EU market of recycled plastics. With this new initiative, the Commission wants to contribute to the objective of achieving at least 10 million tons of recycled plastics into new products on the EU market by 2025 as set in the European Strategy for Plastics.

The first high-level meeting of the Circular Plastics Alliance was organised as part of the EU Industry Days on 5 February 2019. AIM was represented by Rupert Maitland-Titterton, Senior Director for Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Kellogg Europe and member of the EMEA Board. A series of operational meetings on the five key topics identified by the Alliance 1) Collection & sorting of plastic waste 2) Product design for recycling 3) Recycled content in products 4) Monitoring 5) R&D and investment (including chemical recycling) will take place between March and June 2019.