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POSITIONS 22 February 2024

AIM co-signs Joint Statement calling on the European Parliament to adopt a clear, workable and enforceable framework for environmental claims

Brussels, 22 February 2024 – AIM, together with other 9 European Associations calls for the adoption by the European Parliament of a clear, workable and enforceable framework for environmental claims

AIM is committed to ensuring that consumers are provided with trustworthy, relevant and transparent information about the sustainability of the products and services they choose. The possibility to inform the consumer about the progress achieved with new developments and innovations, which meet their expectations, is also a catalyst for the industry to remain competitive and innovative in the green transition.

The new rules on environmental claims should thus ensure that a clear, robust and enforceable framework is established. AIM supports the intention of the European Parliament’s compromises which aims to address the shortcomings identified in the proposed ex-ante verification and certification process, through the establishment of simplified or shortened procedures (including a presumption of conformity) for certain environmental claims, as well as a deadline for the completion of the certification by the verifier.

However, the text needs to be further improved to ensure: i) the full harmonisation of the procedures, ii) a balanced authority for the verifiers, iii) clarification of the substantiation requirements according to the nature of the claim, and iv) re-introduction of the legal clarity on the applicable rules for the substantiation of an environmental claim.

We urge the European Parliament to consider how to introduce such necessary clarifications in the text and through future interinstitutional negotiations, and remain available to offer further support in this regard.