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POSITIONS 22 February 2024

AIM co-signs joint industry statement on the Draft Standardisation mandate on the Digital Product Passport

AIM, the European Brands Association and other 9 industry associations voice concern about the requirement, in the European Commission’s Draft Standardisation request on the Digital Product Passport (DPP), to include in the data carrier six cross-sectoral basic data elements that can be consulted offline. The inclusion of such information, which is already generally found on pack, risks negatively affecting the readability of the data carrier and leading to larger packaging, causing unnecessary costs and complexity for businesses.

To ensure consistency with upcoming packaging minimisation rules and maintain the readability of data carriers, all while allowing offline access to basic information to DPP users, the undersigned associations call on the European Commission to revise the Draft Standardisation Request so that:

  • Only the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) is encoded in the data carrier
  • All other cross-sectoral basic data remain accessible either via on-pack inclusion or through the Product Passport Registry:
    • The information on the DPP owner is present on pack;
    • The facility identifier can be easily traced back from the UPI. Through the Product Passport Registry managed by the Commission (Art. 12 of the ESPR), users can access the unique facility identifier associated with the UPI encoded in the data carrier; and
    • The information on the product group can be easily identified from the packaging, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Directive.