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POSITIONS 22 September 2021

AIM co-signs joint industry letter on trusted flaggers in DSA

AIM, the European Brands Association, co-signed today a joint industry letter on trusted flaggers in the DSA, together with 10 other industry associations, urging EU policymakers to delete from the current draft IMCO Compromise Amendments and Slovenian Presidency’s compromise text the:

  • “Collective interests” representation requirement, as brands must be allowed to apply for trusted flagger status, as is currently the case;
  • “Independence” requirement from online platforms as this is not future proof with trusted flaggers likely to develop (and in some cases, already having developed) online platforms in the future;
  • Specification that the “use of automated notices by trusted flaggers without effective human review shall not be accepted as a valid means of submission” as while this may be appropriate for some user-generated content, it is not for the offer of illegal, including counterfeit, goods;
  • Any specific deadlines for content removal as this would need a judgement call from platforms about the content, and put them in a role of judging their illegality;