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EVENTS 26 September 2022

AIM brands' Nudging for Good initiatives at the Human Advantage conference

On 20 September 2022, AIM Director General Michelle Gibbons participated, alongside 60 speakers from academia and industry, in the Human Advantage conference organised by BVA. The event consisted of 16 roundtables, where experts in applied behavioural science exchanged views and best practices on how to drive positive change in behaviour for the benefit of people and businesses.

During the panel “Nudging for good: Brands leading change in consumer goods“, Michelle Gibbons highlighted the relevance of the nudging for good approach to the FMCG sector, starting with the recognition that brands are in a unique position to make it easier and more desirable for people to change habit and adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. That is why AIM launched the Nudging for Good Initiative in 2015, followed by already two AIM Nudging for Good Awards editions. Collaboration across consumer goods manufacturers and behavioural science experts was and remains key to an effective implementation of the Nudge principles into brands’ marketing practices.

The award-winning Nudge initiatives from three AIM brands were presented to showcase how the Nudge principle can be successfully applied in practice and offer a meaningful and measurable impact on consumer behaviour: Essity‘s Hygiene has no gender campaign was portrayed as a successful example of how gender inequality, notably on the division of household chores between men and women, could be brought into the public debate by a brand to raise awareness in society and drive change. Savencia‘s En cas de caprice – Nudge for a mindful pleasure illustrated how nudging towards mindful eating through responsible portioning of cheese can encourage consumers to adopt more balanced diets without forgoing the pleasure of eating. Lastly, Mars Inc.‘s Make a different marketing was presented as the company’s overarching approach to support all of their brands to drive purpose and behavioural change – benefiting businesses, society and consumers alike.

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The full recording of the event is available here.