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EVENTS 27 September 2016

3rd AIM Brand Lecture on Brands, Innovation and Trust

On 27 September 2016, AIM held its 3rd Brand Lecture on Brands, Innovation and Trust. Through his lecture, Per Hjuler, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Consumer Marketing at LEGO, unfolded how the LEGO Group has managed to build an innovative and sustainable brand position. The lecture outlined the story of how a brand stays relevant and appealing to consumers and shoppers.

The lecture was introduced by high level speakers who provided different perspectives on the relationships between brands, trust and innovation: Poul Weihrauch, Global President Mars PetCare and President of AIM, MEP Vicky Ford, Chair of the IMCO Committee and Richard Holland, Director Market Transformation initiative at WWF.



18:00: Registration
18:30: Introductory remarks
18:50: Lecture
19:30-20:30: Cocktail


Presentation of the lecture:

The LEGO brand was coined in 1934 by the founder Ole Kirk Christiansen from the Danish phrase “Leg Godt” meaning “Play Well”. The unique idea of bringing system-in-play was nurtured and explored during many subsequent decades by adding wheels, roof tiles, windows, gearboxes and mini-figures to the LEGO building system. Every new innovation was appreciated by consumers who found LEGO play to foster creativity, imagination and problem solving skills. Through its lecture, Per Hjuler explained how the LEGO Group has managed to build an innovative and sustainable brand position. It tells the story of how to stay relevant and appealing to the target audiences – consumers and shoppers.


Biography of the guest speaker:

Per Hjuler joined the LEGO Group in 1999 as Brand Director. During the intervening years, he has worked in a variety of roles within product, marketing and brand management and development.

Since 2012 Per has been a member of the LEGO Group Corporate Management as Senior Vice President for Innovation and Consumer Marketing. This role comprises a wide range of responsibility areas:

Front-end Innovation – long term, new LEGO experiences
Digital Games – free to play, console, MMOG’s, Apps
IP Strategy & Partner Relations – The LEGO Movie, 3rd party IP’s
“Content” Marketing – development & distribution (e.g. TV series)
Consumer engagement platforms – com, LEGO YouTube, Social Media, LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo), LEGO Club
The LEGO Groups own Advertising Agency
Consumer Services – our Call Centers
Global research & Insights
Prior to joining the LEGO Group, Per worked in a number of Danish and international FMCG companies. He holds a MSc degree in Economics and Business Administration.

The AIM Brand Lecture series provides a new forum for the sharing of the latest insights from the world of brands and from thought-leaders who interact with it. Brand manufacturers share EU policy-makers’ ambition to create sustainable and inclusive growth. The Brand Lectures hope to enrich the debate on Europe’s future and how different actors in society can shape it together.