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Insights - November 2020

Essity highlights innovative ways to improve behaviour

In its new Hygiene & Health Report 2020-2021, Essity highlights among others how brands can positively influence behaviour through Nudging. The article features our AIM Brands Nudging for Good Awards and an interview with the Jury member Marie-Eve Laporte from...


Insights - June 2020

ILEC – Together against COVID-19!

La confiance a leurs visages : merci aux salariés des entreprises de marques (communiqué) Au plus fort de la crise sanitaire, de mars à mai derniers, les entreprises de grandes marques de PGC ont connu, dans des conditions difficiles, une...


Insights - January 2020

5 trends impacting development of sweets and snacks in 2020

Innova Market Insights notes interest in plant-based ingredients, texture innovations. Having identified the Top Ten Trends for 2020, Innova Market Insights has highlighted how some of these trends impact the...


Insights - August 2019

A nudge in the right direction

The use of nudge theory – positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions – can help influence the behaviour and decision-making of workers to reinforce food safety culture and compliance, according to Shield Safety Group strategic advisor Sterling Crew.   LINK (Source:...


Insights - July 2019

Consumers low engagement on Sustainability

The Lumina Intelligence Report conclude that consumer engagement does not improved sufficiently, and so consumers are failing on addressing a sustainable attitude toward the chocolate, tea and coffee trend. However, Brands can become the major factor reversing this trend.  ...


Insights - July 2019

Brands Lecture by British Brands Group: Should brands take a stand?

Brands are arguably the most pervasive force in the world for business growth – but can they also be a force for change, or for good? What role should brands play in an increasingly fractured society? Gillette CEO, Gary Coombe,...


Insights - June 2019

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2019

Discover how consumer behaviour is evolving and the 2019 trends with the most impact, Understand what consumer trends will reign in 2019, Identify factors affecting consumer purchasing decisions and learn how to target consumers based on what they value in...


Insights - May 2019

25-Country Study to Help Identify Barriers, Opportunities for More Sustainable Lifestyles

A consortium of leading organizations has joined insights and strategy consultancy GlobeScan in launching a new global consumer research study on the topic of Healthy and Sustainable Living. The study, launched today, is a collaborative partnership among GlobeScan, IKEA, Procter...


Insights - March 2019

Ocean plastics: One in two Germans feel responsible

On the occasion of the 14th German packaging congress in Berlin, the German Packaging Institute (dvi) has surveyed consumers about their opinion about plastics, packaging and sustainability....


Insights - December 2018

No normal is the new normal: Make disruption work for your business

Change is one of life’s certainties, so those who look only to the past and the present are likely to be caught out by the future. This is particularly true in the consumer and retail sector, which is being transformed...


Insights - October 2018

The Honest Product – A guide to product transparency for sustainability ethics and health

The Consumer Goods Forum and the change agency Futerra have joined forces to investigate the cutting edge of transparency. This guide includes new market research with consumers in 7 countries. We also surveyed over 70 companies worldwide – members of...


Insights - April 2018

Keep It Simple and Natural” Research finds Consumers are Eager to buy Sustainable Packaging

Consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging. This new study from BillerudKorsnäs reveals that most consumers has positive sentiment toward sustainable packaging and would even switch brands if competitors were to be more sustainable. Brands that have pledged...


Insights - January 2015

The Evolution of Trust in Business From Delivery to Values

A World Economic Forum report:  The evolution of trust in business. From delivery to values, highlights a mismatch between what business thinks trust is about and people's expectations. While business may think the performance of products is paramount, the public...