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Insights - October 2021

British Brands Group publishes white paper on the role of brands in competition between retailers

The British Brands Group published its recent white paper "Brands and their role in competition between retailers", which highlights many significant ways that brands support retailers in their competition with each other. The paper outlines how brands and supermarkets thrive...


Insights - December 2020

AIM Publications: Why are there different products and prices in different shops, cities, regions and countries?

The reasons are many. AIM’s Insights Paper, using a large range of academic and official sources, provides a  perspective on Assortment and Consumer Price Differences in Europe. This briefing paper has been developed to give readers an understanding of some...


Insights - August 2019

Consumer Packaged Goods industry supports 20 Million American jobs & contributes $2 trillion to GDP

More than 10% of U.S. jobs and GDP are supported by the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. According to a new report released today by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), CPG is the largest manufacturing employer in the United States...


Insights - July 2019

AIM supports authorities in their fight against eradicating abusive practices in the European Supply Chain

AIM's objective is to ensure a competitive and fair level playing field for all involved, whether upstream or downstream, including addressing unfair practices across all channels to ensure a healthy, sustainable value chain. Unfair practices are sources of business disruption...


Insights - December 2018

No normal is the new normal: Make disruption work for your business

Change is one of life’s certainties, so those who look only to the past and the present are likely to be caught out by the future. This is particularly true in the consumer and retail sector, which is being transformed...


Insights - December 2018

A new future for European industry

In a global context of economic transformation and rapid, disruptive innovation, European industry faces tremendous pressures to adapt. To retain its competitive edge and get ahead of the curve, the EU must embrace this change and renew its industrial strategy....


Insights - September 2018

Who Won Grocery’s Game-Changing Year

A year after Amazon acquired Whole Foods, grocery retailers are still feeling the aftershocks of this game-changing announcement as new entrants to the grocery industry enter from all fronts. With mass merchants blurring the lines between traditional retail and grocery,...