Insights - January 2018

This is Forward – Coca-Cola’s new Sustainability Action Plan for 2025

Coca-Cola has launched its new Sustainability Action Plan "This is Forward" outlining six key areas for action: action on water, packaging, drinks, sociey, climate and supply chain. In each of these areas Coca-Cola has made a number of commitments until 2025. Together, they provide a clear direction for how the company intends to use its business and brands to build a better future. Developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders, the new Sustainability Action Plan builds upon 10 years of focused work on sustainability. It has been developed jointly by The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola European Partners.

Recently, Coca‑Cola European Partners (CCE) has launched its latest Stakeholder Progress Report, outlining its key achievements in the company’s sustainability journey in 2017. The report comes six months following the launch of the joint Sustainability Action Plan "This is Forward".

The Stakeholder Progress Report provides the first update on performance against the 2025 targets, showing that CCEP has:

  • Continued to ensure that its packaging is recyclable. In 2017, 96.6% of its packaging was recyclable, and 24.6% of the PET used in its bottles was from recycled PET.
  • Reduced the carbon footprint of its core business by 45.3%, and the emissions across its value chain by 28.3% per litre, since 2010.
  • Reduced its overall water use in manufacturing by 11.78%, since 2010.
  • Reduced the amount of sugar in its drinks by 9.3% since 2010 – removing nearly 100,000 tonnes of sugar from its portfolio. 37% of the volume of drinks its sells are now no or low-calorie. This is higher still in Belgium and Luxembourg and Great Britain, where 50% sold is no or low-calorie.

The 2017 progress report as well as the 2025 Sustainability Action Plan is available on the Coca-Cola website here:



(Source: Coca-Cola)