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Purpose moves us - Nike Annual Report 2018

Sports can move the world forward as nothing else can.

Call it crazy. Dismiss it as a dream. But this belief has long been the heart and soul of NIKE, and this year, our teams rallied to bring it to life for an even broader community. Our “Dream Crazy” campaign became a catalyst for conversation around the world, inspiring athletes to speak up about how their passion for sport drives them to challenge the status quo.

The sweeping message of empowerment connected deeply with consumers. It also inspired many of us who work at NIKE to continue to think bigger about the impact we can create.

In the face of today’s challenges – from climate change to inequality to how we unleash thepotential of the next generation – I believe we need our boldest dreams yet. We need a broader vision for leadership and a greater openness for risk. We need to question andtransform existing models. And above all, we need to back our aspirations with purposeful action.



(Source: NIKE)