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NEWS UPDATES 30 April 2019

Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe join the Carbios and L'Oréal Consortium to support the world's first enzymatic technology dedicated to plastics recycling

Carbios, a pioneer in the development of bio-industrial solutions dedicated to the life cycle of plastic and textile polymers, and L’Oréal, world leader in beauty, are pleased to announce a major partnership with Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe.

Carbios has developed a unique and sustainable technology using highly specific enzymes that allow PET plastics and polyester fibers to be recycled more widely than other recycling technologies. Carbios and L’Oréal have previously founded a Consortium to industrialize recycling technology designed and developed by Carbios. Committed to developing innovative solutions for sustainable development, Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe join this Consortium to promote the circular economy of plastics through the breakthrough technology of Carbios. Carbios has even recently achieved a world first by producing PET bottles from recycled 100% recycled plastics.

Under the terms of this four-year agreement, Consortium partners are aiming to industrialize Carbios technology and thereby increase the availability of high-quality recycled plastics to support their sustainability commitments. As part of this collaboration, technical steps and support are planned to put in place a good supply of 100% recycled PET plastics worldwide.



(Source: Carbios)