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Keep It Simple and Natural” Research finds Consumers are Eager to buy Sustainable Packaging

Consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging. This new study from BillerudKorsnäs reveals that most consumers has positive sentiment toward sustainable packaging and would even switch brands if competitors were to be more sustainable.

Brands that have pledged to make significant improvements to their packaging sustainability launched a strategy to reduce its environmental impact through packaging development. Such a involve additional expense, but it is also preparation for tougher regulations against wasteful packaging. The BillerudKorsnäs consumer panel confirms that the expense is worth it in terms of securing customer goodwill. The study suggest that “Branded packaging can be so much more than logo, colors, textures and shapes. Making the packaging a conceptual part of the brand’s positioning can truly lift the consumer experience and show that you and the consumer are part of the same journey toward sustainable consumption.”

However, questions remain over whether consumers understand packaging certification marks. The World Trademark Review underlines the fact that it is not clear how many consumers are aware of or truly understand the wide range of certification marks that can be added to eligible packaging (Eco Label Index lists over 40).

Consumers are increasingly demanding packaging sustainability, and proactive brands should ensure they meet that demand.



(Source: World Trademark Review)