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NEWS UPDATES 15 May 2020

Danone EU call to action for a Common Food Policy 2020-2024

When Europe emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, the first priorities will need to be about looking after people’s immediate needs, rebuilding and reinventing lost jobs and putting our economy back on track, while continuing to secure food supplies.

This unprecedented crisis has shone a spotlight on the food supply chain, which has proved so far to be efficient. The European Union (EU) needs to maintain that efficiency to secure continued availability and affordability of nutritious food for all. However, we must begin to take a longer view and build the transition towards a more resilient and inclusive food system, as a foundation of a true food sovereignty for the EU.

The urgent task ahead is to rethink our food system within the EU, and beyond. Every actor in the food ecosystem needs to be part of this effort, in cooperation with public authorities, civil society and academia. Novel partnerships will be essential to both devise and implement solutions.



(Source: Danone)