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NEWS UPDATES 26 May 2020

COVID-19, Sustainability & Behavioral Science

As we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, many have drawn parallels between the current crisis and the long-term challenge of sustainability and climate change.  Experts offer perspective (and some conjecture) as to whether or not this immediate crisis will impact people’s attitudes and commitment to sustainability, while CEOs (such as Unilever’s Alain Jupe) reaffirm their commitments.

Certainly, this crisis may lead some people to re-think their habits, re-set their priorities and ultimately reduce their consumption. But we’d argue that it would be a mistake to rely on COVID-19 to change behaviors:

The implied assumption is that if people would only “care a bit more” (about the environment), they would act quite differently (and buy and use more sustainable products) in their everyday life.



(Source: BVA Nudge Unit)