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AIM Brands' Eco-Design Model

The development of eco-design for packaging represents a strategic part of how brands are integrating circular thinking into their business strategies. Several AIM members have their individual company commitments and goals addressing eco-design.

For a complete overview, have a look at our new AIM Brands’ Eco-Design Factsheet.

Eco-design for packaging aims at minimising the environmental impact of the packed product and its packaging over the entire life cycle. It is often associated with the recyclability of packaging, and although this aspect is important for the eco-design concept, eco-design is more than just design for recycling. Taken this into consideration, AIM’s Eco-Design Model for brands highlights four key elements of eco-design:

  • How Brands optimise their Packaging: innovations in packaging design, reducing/substituting material and the overall weight of packaging, increasing recyclability and recycling, integrating more recycled content in packaging, etc.
  • How Brands work along the Supply Chain: AIM-PROGRESS
  • How Brands engagae Consumers in Sustainability: sustainability information, AIM-NUDGE
  • How Brands optimise their Production Processes: sustainable production, reducing greenhouse gas submissions, transferring to renewable energy, etc.