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A new future for European industry

In a global context of economic transformation and rapid, disruptive innovation, European industry faces tremendous pressures to adapt. To retain its competitive edge and get ahead of the curve, the EU must embrace this change and renew its industrial strategy.

In this commentary, Fabian Zuleeg, Marta Pilati and Johan Bjerkem explain what the added value is of an EU strategy on industry and lay out the core elements of a successful approach, such as a revision of state-aid rules and EU competition policy, targeted support for new technologies and their uptake by different industries, boosting Europe’s global stature in trade and investment and maximising the benefits of the Single Market.

Fabian Zuleeg, the European Policy Centre’s chief executive and chief economist, presented these ideas earlier today at the 6th Ministerial Conference of Friends of Industry in Paris, which was hosted by the French Minister for Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. Also present were Le Maire’s counterparts from Italy, Germany and Spain (Luigi Di Maio, Peter Altmaier and Reyes Maroto respectively). The conference has become an essential platform for bringing together member states advocating for a strong industrial base in Europe, and we were honoured to be able to participate, share our expertise and prompt EU leaders to endorse a bold agenda for European industry.



(Source: European Policy Center)