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#BRANDS4Europe – Brands Leading Change for a Sustainable Future

“Europe depends on powerful brands”European Commission

AIM (Association des Industries de Marque) is the European Brands Association, representing manufacturers of branded consumer goods in Europe on key issues which affect their ability to design, distribute and market their brands.

AIM represents 2500 businesses ranging from SMEs to multinationals, directly or indirectly through its corporate and national association members. Our members are united in their purpose to build strong, evocative brands, placing the consumer at the heart of everything they do.

AIM’s mission is to create for brands an environment of fair and vigorous competition, fostering innovation and guaranteeing maximum value to consumers now and for generations to come. Building sustainable and trusted brands drives investment, creativity and innovation to meet and exceed consumer expectations. AIM’s corporate members alone invested €14 billion in Research & Development in Europe in 2014, placing them fifth in the EU ranking of R&D investment.


Founded in 1967, AIM brought together national brand manufacturer associations across Europe.

In 1992, with the onset of the Single Market, the impulse for change and growth led to membership being opened to individual brand manufacturing companies. Today, the association comprises 53 of the most successful brand manufacturing companies in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in Europe, as well as 20 national brand manufacturer associations.


The AIM General Assembly brings together all corporate and national association members represented by their respective European CEOs and Directors. It elects the AIM Board and decides on financial and constitutional issues. The AIM Board – comprised of corporate and national association members – steers the association, establishes its policies and drives their implementation. Representatives from our national associations come together in the National Association Directors Committee, which co-ordinates the work of the national associations with the work of AIM, exchanges best practices and ensures we synchronize efforts across Europe to achieve objectives, as agreed by the AIM Board.

The AIM Board elects the President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer of the association. The association is managed by Michelle Gibbons, Director General, and her team . Their work is divided in seven committees, several task forces and initiatives such as AIM-NUDGE and AIM-PROGRESS. Each AIM member company and association is entitled to send its dedicated experts to the different committees and task forces.


Michelle Gibbons Director General

+32 2 736 03 05 michelle.gibbons@aim.be

Michelle develops AIM’s Strategic Plan and manages its implementation.

She represents AIM on:

  • The Liaison Group of the Consumer Goods Forum
  • The Governance Group of the Initiative for fair commercial practices in the food chain

Marie Pattullo Senior Manager Trade Marks and Brand Protection

+32 2 736 03 05 marie.pattullo@aim.be

    Areas of responsibility:

  • Trade Marks
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • ICANN related issues

Katrin Recke Senior Manager Responsible Supply Chains

+32 2 736 03 05 katrin.recke@aim.be

    Areas of responsibility:

  • Responsible Sourcing (AIM-PROGRESS)
  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Marianne Dehousse Senior Manager Market Studies and Trade Relations

+32 2 736 03 05 marianne.dehousse@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Studies and Research: key changes in retailing
  • Principles of good business practice /fair commercial practices
  • Promote ECR best practices

Simona Camilli Sustainability Manager

+32 2 736 03 05 simona.camilli@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Sustainable Development & Circular Economy

Laurent Cenatiempo Manager Competition and Legal Affairs

+32 2 736 03 05  laurent.cenatiempo@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Competition & Legal Affairs

Amaury Libbrecht Manager Public Affairs

+32 2 736 03 05  amaury.libbrecht@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Public Affairs
  • Digital Affairs

Yael Fattal Lariccia Project Manager

+32 2 736 03 05 yael.fattal@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Working Groups & Respective Projects – Human Rights (AIM-Progress)
  • Regional Hubs – Africa Hub and APAC (AIM-Progress)

Margherita Trombetti Policy, communications and project management support

+32 2 736 03 05 margherita.trombetti@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0
  • PPWR
  • AIM Website and Social Media

Miriam Davino Policy Officer

+32 2 736 03 05 miriam.davino@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • ESG policy

Katrien Dossche Accountant and Human Resources Management

+32 2 736 03 05 accounting@aim.be

    Areas of Responsibility:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources

Ilona Vaculova Office Assistant

+32 2 736 03 05 ilona.vaculova@aim.be


AIM – European Brands Association
Avenue des Gaulois 9
1040 Brussels
T +32 2 736 0305
EU Transparency Register ID: 1074382679-01