Leading the way to sustainable growth

Leading the way to sustainable growth

AIM promotes sustainable growth through trusted brands by advocating a regulatory framework beneficial to a high level of environmental, social and economic sustainability and by developing tools that will help companies deliver on their sustainability objectives

Brand manufacturers aim for the continual improvement of the quality of life enjoyed by consumers, employees and the communities in which they operate.

With respect to sustainable consumption and production, this means:

  • Innovating to develop and market goods and services that have a more sustainable life-cycle.
  • optimising the economic and environmental efficiency as well as the social impact of current products and activities.
  • communicating based on proven science and in line with EU policy on advertising and claims.
  • recognising that, by building trust with consumers, brands can facilitate consumer behaviour changes towards more sustainable and healthier choices and lifestyles.

In order for branded goods companies to continue these activities they rely on an EU sustainability policy framework which allows such initiatives to thrive in the Single Market and beyond.

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