Building trust in the digital market place

Building trust in the digital market place

AIM works to enhance consumer trust in the digital market place. The goal is to create an environment that both respects consumers’ privacy and facilitates the development of innovative products and services

The internet allows consumers to discover their favourite brands in new ways, and brands use the internet to communicate their individual heritage and style in more interactive ways to a broader range of consumers than ever before.

Brand manufacturers strive to be responsible leaders towards a sustainable digital environment both when selling and advertising online. They support best practice principles for doing business online.

AIM members support the protection of privacy online and encourage policy-makers at European and national level to secure coherent implementation of the e-privacy directive and end the present legal uncertainty.

With regard to the data protection proposal, AIM calls for new definitions of “consent” and “personal data” that are manageable for businesses as well as consumers, and do not stifle innovation in communicating, advertising and selling online.

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