Momentum for voluntary initiative on fair trading practices

July 2013 Momentum for voluntary initiative on fair trading practices

LAUNCH DATE 16 September 2013:

As a steady flow of companies, both manufacturers and retailers, are joining the stakeholder-driven initiative on fair trading practices (see AIM news story of 16 May), a date for its formal launch has now been set. On 16 September top industry representatives will present the initiative to the public as well as underline the commitment of their own companies to follow the good practice principles of the initiative and get ready to receive and process any complaints made against them under the new scheme. In the meantime companies are reviewing internal procedures to make sure they comply with the principles and
procedural commitments. On 16 September the Initiative will open its own website with detailed information both to the potential signatories and the public. Formal registration to the initiative will also take place on this website.

The save the date flyer is available here.

15 July 2013

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