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Welcome to the Knowledge Portal of AIM-NUDGE – Brands for healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

This Knowledge Portal gives access to research, experience and stakeholder platforms on ways to inspire behaviour change towards healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. It is intended as a resource for those interested in the field of consumer behaviour change and will be updated on a continuous basis.

There is “a common premise in political policies: ‘an informed person will make the right choices.’ The reality is more complex. Being aware of the ecological virtues of a form of behaviour does not necessarily result in that behaviour being adopted…” ( Centre d’analyse stratégique, “’Green nudges’: new incentives for ecological behaviour”)

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental, social and economic issues, and increasingly willing to act on those concerns; however, consumer willingness is not translating into sustainable consumer behaviour.“ (WBSCD, “Sustainable Consumption Facts and Trends”)

Barriers to consumer behaviour change include:  availability, affordability, convenience, product performance, conflicting priorities, scepticism and the force of habit.

This knowledge portal aims to provide an easy point of entry to the various efforts taking place to overcome the gap between consumer intentions and actions.

''What Behavioral Economics Is Not?'' (Ideas42)

Brochure finalists AIM-Nudge Awards (link)


Video by The Rotman School (University of Toronto), 2013.

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