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Brands and Consumer Behaviour

Brands and Consumer Behaviour

The progress made by the brands industry with respect to sustainable production is generally well recognised.

The path to sustainable consumption is less straightforward but branded goods manufacturers are well placed to facilitate change towards more sustainable and healthier consumer choices and lifestyles. However, there is still a gap between consumer intentions and actual behaviour.  Some policy-makers, academics and businesses show lively interest in the potential of “nudging” consumers to make changes to their consumption patterns and lifestyles. Branded goods manufacturers, with their unique consumer insights, communication and marketing skills, have a key role to play in this debate.

AIM has therefore launched a new initiative Nudging for Good.  Our objectives are:

  • Provide leadership and encourage emulation of ways to inspire sustainable and healthier consumer behaviour
  • Create and provide accessible knowledge to AIM members and other stakeholders
  • Make meaningful contributions to help advance the public debate.

We do this through our Nudging for Good toolkit, which provides practical guidance on how to create nudges to help people adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. More general knowledge around the topic of nudging can be found on our Knowledge Portal.

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