Mission and Principles

AIM principles on key aspects of business conduct


AIM's mission is to create for brands an environment of fair and vigorous competition, fostering innovation and guaranteeing maximum value to consumers now and for generations to come. To deliver on their commitments, AIM members have developed principles on key aspects of their business:


Consumer principles

The bond of trust between brands and consumers is fundamental to this mission. The members of AIM have developed in 2003 ten principles which explain the nature of this bond.

1. Conduct
AIM members conduct their business with integrity and openness.

2. Consumer Benefits  
The brands of AIM members provide:

  • value in terms of price and quality
  • choice from diversity
  • convenience from availability and recognition
  • relevance by meeting evolving needs
  • reassurance from reliability and trust
  • satisfaction from identification with the brand itself

3. Redress  
AIM members believe that means of appropriate redress should be easily available.

4. Safety  
AIM members are committed to providing brands which are safe for their intended use.

5. Innovation  
AIM members are committed to the pursuit of innovation that meets the evolving needs and expectations of consumers.

6. Communication  
AIM members are committed to communication that enables consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

7. Competition  
AIM members seek to create an environment of fair and vigorous competition for brands guaranteeing maximum value to consumers.

8. Privacy 
AIM members seek the trust of consumers by respectful use of personal information.

9. Responsibility
In their relationship with consumers, AIM members recognize their responsibility to take into account wider societal interests.

10. Dialogue  
AIM members are committed to dialogue with consumers, their representatives and other stakeholders in order to strengthen the dynamic relationship between brands and consumers. 


Principles on sustainable development

With a view to the mission being relevant “now and for generations to come” AIM has developed a set of principles on sustainable development.

1. Support a holistic approach
Embrace economic, environmental and societal dimensions.  

2. Promote innovation
Leverage innovation as a source of process, product and service solutions.

3. Enable informed consumer choice
Provide relevant communication to shape consumer behaviour towards sustainable choices.

4. Promote dialogue
Work towards solutions with all relevant stakeholders.

5. Promote science-based life-cycle thinking
Base initiatives on a life-cycle and risk assessment approach using proven science.

6. Pursue defined goals with flexible means
Permit flexibility in the way agreed policy goals are achieved.

7. Safeguard international trade
Ensure sustainability measures are not used as barriers to trade.

8. Promote voluntary instruments
Pursue a voluntary approach to sustainable development wherever possible.


Anti-trust compliance

AIM has strict anti-trust compliance rules according to which our association shall not enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members, any applicable competition law. Attention to these rules is drawn at the start of all member meetings in AIM. The rules apply not only to discussions in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during and after meetings.

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