AIM governing bodies, Presidency, Committees and Task Forces

For each of the governing bodies, committees and task forces a short description is provided on their role and responsibilities:


General Assembly - elects the Board and decides on financial and constitutional issues

The Board - establishes the policy of AIM and drives its implementation


Steering Committee - prepares the meetings of the Board

National Association Directors Committee - co-ordinates the work of the national associations with the work of AIM and exchanges best practice

Consumer Committee - interacts with the European institutions on relevant areas of consumer policy and coordinates public policy dialogue on brands

Competition & Legal Affairs Committee -  identifies competition and other legal issues which impact the brand and interacts with the competition authorities

Digital Working Groups - address EU and global policy issues in e-commerce, data privacy and other questions on the digital agenda that affect brands

Trade Mark Committee - works with the European Institutions and other authorities to promote effective and efficient trade mark regimes

Anti-Counterfeiting Committee - encourages European and other institutions to fight counterfeiting and piracy, in alliance with other European organisations

Industry-Trade Committee - analyses changing patterns of retailing and interact with the European Institutions and other relevant organisations on issues relating to the distributive trades

Supply Chain Committee - promotes the efficiency of the infrastructure for the distribution of brands with the aim of reducing costs and delivering better value to the consumer

Sustainable Development Committee - addresses issues on sustainable production and consumption and support members sustainability efforts

AIM-Nudge Task Force - broadens and deepens the AIM Charter on brands for health and well-being / Responsible for the initiative AIM-NUDGE, Brands for healthier and more sustainable lifestyles: /

AIM-Progress - develops common viewpoints and evaluation methods for responsible sourcing and drives convergence with other initiatives in this area:


Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) - a global, parity-based industry network - brings together the CEOs and senior management of over 400 retailers, manufacturers and service providers across 70 countries on subjects like health, sustainability and operational excellence:

Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) - a joint initiative launched by several EU level associations to promote fair business practices in the food supply chain as a basis for commercial dealings:

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